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Client Interview - Joseph Koprek Photography

I fell into the industry by way of studying art and design (during art school), and having photography as one of my subjects.

Here at The Financial Collective, we appreciate each and every one of our clients and that's exactly why we like to show them a little love on our page.

We caught up with Joseph Koprek from Joseph Koprek Photography to share his love of photography, why he chose to work with By the Numbers and his favourite local hangouts.

Business type:

Wedding / portrait / real estate photography

How did you get into the photography industry and why?

I fell into the industry by way of studying art and design (during art school), and having photography as one of my subjects.

During this time a close friend had just started in the photographic industry, and had a darkroom setup at home. After watching him, and also studying photography, I slowly gained an interest.

I started working part time for a reputable studio, which ultimately led to a full time position. I stayed on for around 8 years, before starting my own business full time in 2002.

Favourite place to shoot in the inner west:

I'd say The Substation in Newport. It's a great venue - including the surrounding area.

In saying that - my work also has taken me as far as interstate as well as overseas, which has enabled me to shoot in some exceptional locations!

Most memorable photography shoot:

It's hard to narrow this down to one, but Camp Lucy (outside of Austin, Texas) was a special place - not to mention Bavaria, Germany.... or even Frastanz, Austria.

These were all spectacular places to be able to visit / work in!

Why did you choose By the Numbers?

I had Ross Griffiths as my accountant since before BTN's inception. I'm still here, so I'd say this is saying something!

It's always a pleasure dealing with BTN, as I enjoy the relaxed manner (including the office and dress code) in which they operate.

I recommend BTN to anyone that asks.

Favourite Local Hangout? Coffee, bar etc?

Being in the inner west, we're now a little spoilt with choice which is great.

I've always been a fan of Littlefoot Bar in Footscray, as well as C&G in Seddon.

I do love a good burger, so you'll also find me at 8Bit, or Huxtaburger in Footscray as well.

Dumbo and West 48 are a couple of great little cafes just down the road from me (for good coffee!)

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Instagram: @josephkoprek




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